Southend Ornithological Group Records

SOG records for Serin, at Gunners Park, from 09 March 2018 until 13 March 2018, recorded by all observers. Records marked with '*' may be duplicates.

Species Site Date Count Notes Observers
Serin Gunners Park 10/03/2018 male flew in from direction of playground at 11:05, landed in ditch by road briefly, then appeared to fly towards car park / pond area Neil Chambers 
*Serin Gunners Park 10/03/2018 Most of the day spent in the park for an 8 minute view of the Male in a bush by the car park feeders before it flew east toward the south side of the pond Steve Arlow 
Serin Gunners Park 11/03/2018 Frequenting reedy ditch opposite car park entrance Tim Bourne 
*Serin Gunners Park 11/03/2018 Showed well a couple of times along ditch opposite car park entrance.  Lee Ebbs 
*Serin Gunners Park 11/03/2018 elusive but showed well on a few occasions. By the roadside reedy ditch and adjacent trees opposite main car park entrance. John Wright 
*Serin Gunners Park 11/03/2018 male seen once at 12:13 only sitting in stunted tree by road nr car park Paul Baker 
Serin Gunners Park 12/03/2018  Graham Oakes 
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